“Every W&J graduate will not only be exceptionally well prepared for professional success, but also recognized as a leader committed to the highest standards of ethics and capable of addressing complex challenges facing today’s organizations and society.” – President John C. Knapp, Ph.D.

This promise is at the heart of the 学院’s new strategic plan, Juncta Juvant, designed to strengthen the four-year W&J experience by equipping all students with distinctive qualities that are highly valued by today’s leading employers and graduate schools.

Over a recent 18-month period, the 华盛顿& 杰斐逊 College community worked collaboratively to develop strategies to ensure that the 学院 continues to be at the forefront of liberal arts education at a time of changing demographics, increasing competition for students, and greater public skepticism about the value of higher education. The plan was approved by the 受托人董事会 in 十月ober and work is well under way to implement new curricular and cocurricular initiatives.

The planning process involved study groups, surveys of multiple 学院 constituencies, open campus feedback sessions, an exhaustive self-study, and an extensive market analysis conducted by the Art & Science Group, LLC, a leading research firm serving higher education. The work aimed to significantly enhance and further differentiate the W&J experience at a time when small, residential, undergraduate colleges face a long-term decline in the number of 18-year-olds in America, as well as greater pressures to ensure post-graduate outcomes.

“Our new strategic direction establishes a comprehensive approach to continuous improvement for greater success in attracting, retaining, and graduating talented students who will be leaders in their careers and communities,” Knapp said. “This plan also recognizes that in order for our students to realize their full potential, we must do more to fully support the success of all members of the W&J community, including our faculty, staff, and alumni.”







The 学院 is also exploring new opportunities to claim the advantages of Pittsburgh for our students. These could include strategic partnerships and other ways to enhance W&J’s presence in the city to support internships, career development, alumni engagement, and the academic program.


“我们将培养和培育活动 社区成员参与决策,以保证学院的成功“。





We recognize that we must strive to become a more welcoming and visibly diverse community every year, increasingly reflecting the demographics of the region and nation. The 学院 recently welcomed a new class of freshmen comprising more racial and ethnic diversity than ever before. This is not surprising since the under-18 population in America is now a majority-minority population, where members of traditionally under-represented groups outnumber the historically Caucasian majority. The diversity of the college-going population will continue to increase year after year, and new efforts are planned to ensure that W&J is prepared to serve all population groups equally well.

Ensuring the success of our students also means providing greater financial assistance. At a time when the number of first-generation college students is increasing and families are less likely to have college savings, W&J must work to increase endowed resources to support financial aid and scholarships.