Course Placements

Thank you for choosing to attend W&J College this fall! We are incredibly excited that you are now a part of our campus community. Now that you have made your decision, you will begin the process of getting ready to come to campus for your first semester. The first step in this process is completing your mathematics and language placements. These are both essential for us to pair you with courses that best fit your academic needs and experiences. Please note that the placements are not supported on smartphones. If you have any questions about this process, please contact W&J Gateway at 724-503-1001 ext. 3069 or by email at

Before You Begin

You will need your official W&J student username and password to login to the Course Placements.  Don’t have your username and password?  Please check your personal email address for a message from your admission counselor with instructions on how to set up your account, or contact the Office of Admission at 724-223-6025.

Mathematics Placement

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Good Resources for Brushing Up

There is a short sample exam available to help you get used to the computer system you’ll take the test in.

Math Placement Assessment Instructions

Log into W&J Sakai to access the mathematics placement assessment (you will enter your username and password at the top of the page).  Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Math Placement" tab on the top of your Sakai page
  2. Click the "Tests & Quizzes" tab on the left side of the screen.  You’ll see both the sample exam and the actual exam there.
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  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to take and submit the math placement

Upon completion of this assessment, a score will be generated that will determine your math placement.  It will be verified by the Mathematics Department prior to when your course schedule is generated.  Keep an eye on your W&J email in the coming weeks for more information regarding your course selection process.

The Math Placement is available again. Please click the button below to begin.

Take the Math Placement Exam

Students must complete a language requirement of one year at the introductory level (105 and 106; 106 and 207), or one term at the intermediate level (207). There are three ways to fulfill the language requirement if you continue with your language of study.

  • Students who place in 207 will take 207 only.
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  • Here is a general overview of courses at the 105, 106, and 207 levels.

    105: For absolute beginners. This course assumes no knowledge of the language. Emphasis is on fundamentals of grammar, acquisition of vocabulary, listening comprehension, basic oral expression, elementary writing, and short readings on topics pertaining to culture. Taught largely in the target language.


    207: For intermediate level learners. Intensive review with frequent practice in oral expression and listening comprehension; special emphasis on developing reading and writing skills via encounters with authentic texts and videos. Taught primarily in the target language.

    You are free and encouraged to start a new language at W&J. Students may start at 105 in any language in which they have no experience. Currently, W&J offers six languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. Students may also transfer in courses to fulfill the language requirement with pre-approval according to college guidelines.


    When you get your schedule, if you feel that your language requirement placement is too low or too high, you may consult with a professor in your field of study. However, there are minimum placement levels for all languages at W&J. For example, students with significant experience in a language may not take beginning level courses in that language. This policy is to ensure quality of instruction and to guarantee open seats for true beginners. Here are contacts for specific languages we offer.

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    What's Next?

    The next step is to go to W&J Gateway when it goes live on May 1. Keep an eye on your email for more information!