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度: 学士学位基础教育和领导力的研究,玛丽埃塔学院;嘛。教育,玛丽埃塔学院

Nicole C. Focareto is currently serving as the 招生副总裁 at 华盛顿& 杰斐逊 College. She brings nearly 20 years of experience in higher education leadership and enrollment management. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, and a first generation college graduate, Nicole has served in a variety of leadership roles for educational institutions including Belmont Abbey College, the Cleveland Institute of Art, and Marietta College. In these roles, Nicole has been influential in instituting cultural change and building relationships across many constituencies. Nicole holds both a bachelor of arts degree in elementary education and leadership studies and a masters degree in education from Marietta 学院 in Marietta, Ohio.