CARE: Community, Assessment, Resource & Evaluation

The W&J CARE Team is committed to enhancing the student experience through a proactive, collaborative and thoughtful approach to the identification, assessment and early intervention of concerning behavior that impacts the individual and/or the 学院 community. At times students may find themselves or others in states of distress and/or in need of additional assistance. W&J strives to create an environment in which students are supported in their success as a student, a member of the community and as an individual.

The CARE Team is comprised of a group of W&J staff and faculty who are focused on prevention and early intervention for students experiencing serious distress or engaging in harmful or disruptive behaviors. Members of the W&J community (students, faculty, staff, or family members) are encouraged to complete a 转诊 如果他们担心学生被展出 有关行为或痛苦的症状。理想情况下,转诊将包括客观的,可观察的,真实的信息。当转发信息不是基于道听途说或假设它是最有帮助的。

通过 网上推荐表格, the CARE Team will be alerted to students of concern and will be able to review, assess and make recommendations for how best to assist reported students. 团队 strives to intervene and assist students in meeting their academic, personal and professional goals at W&J.

Once received, a submission will be reviewed by a staff member to take appropriate action, which may or may not include contacting the student, you and witness identified. If you have questions about the process, please feel free to contact Eva Chatterjee-Sutton, Vice President of 学生生活 & Dean of Students (724-223-1360 or。

If this is an emergency that involves imminent risk of harm to self or others, please contact Campus & Public Safety at 724-223-6032. Additionally, if this is a holiday, weekend or after business hours, and you are unsure if a student requires immediate assistance, please contact the Campus & Public Safety Department.