W&J Students, Professors Bring Classroom to Main Street for STEM Fest

创建: 2019年9月17日
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WASHINGTON, PA (Sept. 16, 2019) – 华盛顿& 杰斐逊 学院 (W&J) students and professors brought their classrooms to Main Street on Saturday for STEM Fest, an interactive, science-based festival for local students in kindergarten through high school.

Professors from the chemistry, biology, and physics departments, and students from W&J’s Society of Physics and the Biology Club conducted workshops ranging from nature photography to the chemistry of bath bombs. Representatives from W&J Office of Admission also manned a booth, sharing information about the 学院 with parents and students.

“我们做的推广与当地学校的孩子是我最喜欢我的工作的一个方面。它是一种荣誉,看着学生们发现一些我们首次当地生物多样性,说:”生物学杰米行军副教授,博士“他们的能量是无限的和传染性。我经常提醒大学生和其他成年人,试图找到自己内心的四年级 - 这是保持好奇,问的问题负载,并保持一种奇怪的感觉。”


Visitors to Dr. Jamie March’s booth, Connecting to Nature Through Photography, tested their knowledge of local biodiversity using pictures of local flora and fauna, and joined in on an Urban Ecology Photographic Scavenger Hunt. If they collected any invertebrates during the day, Biology Club students assisted with taking portraits using the “Field-Studio Technique,” a white cloth box that safely holds a plant, animal, or insect while a photo is taken. The booth was an extension of outreach projects that W&J faculty and students do with local schools.

最具爆炸性的展位浴炸弹化学,学生证明有更多的浴缸“fizzies”比他们的香味和乐趣的外观。浴炸弹是酸 - 碱化学的结果。当置于水中时,柠檬酸和碳酸氢钠之间的反应(通常称为小苏打)创建二氧化碳气体,这被看作是嘶。学生们了解到,所花费的时间为浴炸弹停嘶嘶量被称为化学动力学,他们必须做出自己的浴炸弹和测量温度的它失败了多久有效果。



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